… and Breathe!

As we headed into Children’s Mental Health Week, we stocked our ‘well-being toolkits’ with a few more mindfulness techniques in Monday morning’s assembly.  For our active bodies, we tried out eagle pose, which required the breath to focus on balance.  We also used the physical sensation of tapping; tapping our hands, our chests (also warmly referred to as our heart centre), and our faces. A physical sensation during mindfulness practice can help to focus a busy mind.  Please remember to tap into that toolkit as often as you can!

We were keen to share with the children as wide a range of mindful techniques as possible, and as such the Year 5s and 6s made the most of our lovely grounds and had a go at ‘forest bathing’. This technique invites you to slow down and take note of the natural world around you using all the senses. Studies have shown that compounds released by trees called phytoncides have a positive effect on the human immune system, so just ‘bathing’ in the air around trees can be good for you.

My heart centre has been glowing throughout the week.  Feeling very grateful for the time and space we have dedicated to mental health, I have been delighted to share mindfulness and meditation strategies with pupils and colleagues alike.  The positive feedback received from our community and pupils has sparked inspiring thoughts for Vinehall’s future.  Many thanks to the children who joined me at break time and in lunchtime activities.  May your commitment to your personal mental health serve you just as you need it to, here and now.

Ally Linney

Click on the link below for a short video:

Mindfulness 2022