Year 3 visited Bexhill Museum for a wonderful morning of activities related to Ancient Egypt, which they are exploring in their Humanities lessons.  The children were able to study artefacts which were over three thousand years old, including clay pots, jewellery, bone needles and flint blades.  The curator, Julian, who is an expert in this field, gave an informative introductory talk and the children impressed him with their relevant and insightful questions and comments.  I was also very proud of the way they listened and interacted so well.  Cassie Cat and Ollie Owl disposition stickers will definitely be awarded to them!

Looking closely at some of the Egyptian artefacts in the gallery and discussing what these were was another activity.  Decoding hieroglyphs and then finding the objects in the cabinets in a different part of the museum was also popular.  The penultimate session was centred on some of the gods of Ancient Egypt, and referred to The Book of the Dead.

Julian ended the morning by mummifying a doll, much to the delight, amusement and horror (!) of the children.  I would recommend the Museum for a great day out, next to the Egerton Park and close to the beach too – a half-term trip perhaps?

Carina Everist