Maths Week results

We started Maths week with the hotly-contested Great House Race which was featured in last week’s Vinelines.  Anticipation mounted in the theatre on Monday as the final results were delivered. The children already knew that the Paxton 3 won for Years 5 and 6, Aston 1 won for Years 3 and 4 and Paxton 3 for Years 7 and 8. It was left to the final averages of the averages, showing a difference of just 0.079 between first and second place. Ashton on 21.06 was just pipped to the post by Paxton at 21.139. Well done to all the children for competing so whole heartedly for their houses.

Next came the results of the Daily Maths challenges set by Maths Week England. The mirror puzzle, asking for words with only horizontal symmetry was the favourite.  In Year 3 Betsy S, Indira H and Esme L all won prizes for finding the most words in the entries received. In Year 6 Isla M was the first person to correctly answer the gold coin puzzle asking how 15 coins could be arranged in four bags so that any number between 1 and 15 could be given.  Years 7 and 8 tackled an angle problem to find the missing angle between the diagonals of two touching rectangles. With images and answers that matched, Jimena L, Isla H, Patrick L and Harris C all received prizes for their solutions. Well done to all those who had a go at the different problems.

The annual Primary Maths challenge, consisting of 25 increasingly complex maths problems was valiantly attacked by the Year 5 and 6s. This year Bronzes went to Joshua G, Theodora G, Harrison W, Alex D, Kingsley N, Blanca PD, Skye R, Jack L, Zara SW, Frankie F, India P, Felix G, James H and Louis L. The silver winners were Edward M, Theo E, Ollie A, Miles F, Joshua S, Arleta D, Alessandra K and Isobel F; and well done particularly to Matilda B and Cecily G who received silver awards while still in Year 5. The Gold awards this year went to Isla M, Max C, Henry C, Yoshi C and Ethan E. Well done to all the children in Years 5 and 6 for excellent attempts at some perplexing questions.

Alison Trip