On Tuesday 9th November, Messrs Borrows, Gilsenan and Howard took Year 6 to Canterbury Cathedral. There is just so much history here. From when St Augustine first arrived to introduce Christianity to the Saxons; to schools of various sorts being founded; and abbeys, chapter houses and other Church buildings being put up, added to, embellished – and then being dissolved.  It was an overload of an ecclesiastical smorgasbord!

The archways and architectural styles helped date what was built when and the Crypt was the only remaining original part. Some children knew what Crypt means, as well as Nave, Transept and other religious vocabulary.  Some very recently dated stained glass windows are now thought to be the oldest in situ in Europe, dating from the early twelfth century. Many of the children admitted to getting a bit of a shiver at the spot where Thomas Becket was murdered by the four knights, chillingly recorded in detail by an eyewitness, as well as the point where the French architect William of Saens was maimed when his fifty-foot scaffolding collapsed!

After lunch in one of the refectories, we had a short tour around the original abbey buildings and Tudor Court; history this time going back to the Romans!

It is days like these that can help make the past relevant to the present. Many thanks to Mr Borrows for organising the trip.

Ed Gilsenan