The sun shone down on Year 3 as they explored the beautiful gardens at Bateman’s, home of Rudyard Kipling.  They learnt what ‘FIP’ stood for, why the sundial had ‘It’s later than you think’ carved on it, and played ‘Pooh sticks’ on the bridge (wrong author but still fun!)  Having gazed thoughtfully (yes, really) into the pond, they went into the house where they asked the guides so many interesting questions – not all could be answered!  The visit ended in the woodland play area with a picnic lunch and a lot of fun and games.  This is one of my favourite outings and 3E were a delight to be with; thanks must go to Miss E who accompanied us.  After half-term I am looking forward to helping the children compose their own ‘Just So’ stories, having first read ‘The Elephant’s Child’, O Best Beloved.

Carina Everist