This was the girls’ first experience of any tournament and it was also a first for a few other reasons too. First time they have had to play short corners and so they quickly had to adapt to putting on the masks and then know when they had to take them off. Also, who does what job when attacking or defending a short corner. Another first was for Arleta kitted up as goal keeper, in which she made some great saves and grew in confidence over the tournament.

The girls played against King’s Canterbury, King’s Rochester, St Michael’s and Rose Hill. Two of the matches were very close and one ended in a draw. Blanca, Dora and Isobel had moments of breaking through and occasional attempts at goal. They also tried to remember to stay apart and find each other to pass. Alessandra controlled the back and was vocal in asking her wings to get back in position. Isla made some good runs down the wing. Brooke and Skye also had some runs down the wing.  Brooke was good at trying to find a pass and Skye would try to dribble her way past the opposition. Collectively, they improved on focus areas; they tried to move the ball to the wings more and keep shape whilst the ball was shifting across the pitch. A great experience, progress was made and it was a lovely afternoon of hockey.
Laura Percy-White