Years 3 and 4 spent the morning in the Outdoor Classroom on Friday for some team-building activities. In their four Houses (Saxton, Rushton, Ashton and Paxton) they were asked to create a mandala made from nature. As with all mandalas, they chose a centerpiece and then built the layers one at a time, thinking of contrasting colour and shape as they added each ring. To do this task they needed to be kind to each other, to compromise if needed (Rhiain E reminded us about this at the start) and to work together like Billy Bee. Mrs Barrett and I were so impressed with the beautiful results – some of the best we have seen over the years!

Meanwhile, back at the fire pit, Miss Everist and Miss Sinclair supervised fire steels and ‘dough toasting’ on sticks. Well done to those children who persevered (like Terry Tortoise) and showed determination to get their mini ‘fire’ to light. Hot chocolate was happily sipped and slurped and everyone had a ‘feel good’ time. Thanks to the catering department for providing the dough and hot choc! What a lovely way to spend Friday morning together. I love the Juniors!

Carina Everist