In House Meetings, the children chose the charities that their House will support this year. The House Captains were asked to find three possible charities to support within a given category. For Ashton, the category was international aid; Paxton were asked to choose a children’s charity; Rushton were asked to choose a local charity; and the category for Saxton was environmental charities.

The House Captains, assisted by the other Year 8s, prepared presentations about the different charities they had found within their category, and shared them with their Houses on Wednesday morning. The children in each House then voted on the charity they wanted to support, and these were their choices:

Ashton – WaterAid

Paxton – Save the Children

Rushton – Sussex Wildlife Trust

Saxton – Ocean Conservancy

Well done to the Year 8s for putting together excellent, well-researched presentations.  We look forward to seeing what events the Houses come up to support their chosen charities.

Paul Borrows