Monday morning bought a flurry of activity to Pre-Prep as our Eco Warriors ably sorted out the rather large pile of rubbish which had mysteriously accumulated in the hall over the weekend. Well versed in how to recycle, the Year 2 Warriors quickly sorted the rubbish into the correct recycling bins, and order was restored! This set the tone for our recycling week of “Step it Up!”, which ended with our playgroup making their very own recycled paper! We are so proud of the passion and awareness the children have shown this week for recycling and caring for the Earth.  I overheard one Eco Warrior saying to another “We don’t use any plastic in my house, and we decorate brown paper to make it into wrapping paper.” Keep up the amazing work Pre-Prep!

This week Pre-Prep have also been learning about the process of democracy. We all listened carefully as members of Year 2 each gave a short speech, outlining why they should be elected to stand on one of the three whole school committees for the forthcoming academic year. We then gave each child a voting pebble which they placed in the bowl next to the photo of the candidate they wanted to vote for. Even our two-year-olds exercised their right to vote! After counting the votes, we are delighted to announce our new committee members!

Our Eco representatives will be Coralie F, Arya E and Oliver G. Our School Council members will be Gabriella G and Albert P. The Academic Committee will be served by Heidi R and Felix E. We look forward to supporting them as they begin their exciting new roles representing Pre-Prep in the whole school community.