Pupils at Vinehall continue to celebrate Roald Dahl’s work, producing a fabulous array of marvellous medicine bottles, dream jars and, most impressively, a bottle of the BFG’s Snozzcumber Juice, created by Elizabeth H (7PW), marked “Warning: this is filthing, disgusterous, repulsant and icky-poo”. We had great fun as Elizabeth H demonstrated how adding the simple ingredient of table salt to the mixture could make it effervesce.

Isla H (7PW) created strong competition with her bubblicious marvellous medicine inspired by the evil concoction created in “George’s Marvellous Medicine”.

I have been very impressed by many of the pieces pupils have submitted for Roald Dahl Day, such as fascinating PowerPoints and posters about Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake (including impressive work by Ethan E (6C) and Seren W (8DB)); excellent illustrations of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Alvaro MN (8PB) and Ollie A (6C)); a picture of Fantastic Mr Fox’s tail by Theo E (6C); beautiful pictures of Matilda, the Giant Peach and The Enormous Crocodile (Joshua G (6C), Isla B (5P) and Edward M (5C)); and fantastic poems by Summer P (5P) (inspired by “The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me”) and by Mia G (5P) inspired by Miss Trunchbull!

In addition, several children created beautiful ‘shoe box’ scenes inspired by the books, including William H (5P) with an impressive scene from “Matilda”.

Our pupils have been inspired by this project and we look forward to creating a display of their work for visitors to the school to admire. Thank you to all pupils who have participated so enthusiastically!

Emily Platt