2021 marks the 20th year of celebrating linguistic diversity across Europe on the 26th September.  This year the European Day of Languages is on Sunday, so at Vinehall we have had special languages lessons and events this week.  We are proud of our Global Outlook.

Children in Pre-Prep classes loved listening to a French song that included greetings in many different languages, “Dire bonjour, c’est joli!”.

Year 3 played a memory matching game, finding words for “Hello” in over 40 languages.  We had lots of fun pronouncing all the greetings!

Older classes took part in a linguistic investigation, working through a translation and de-coding task based on the same sentence in eight European languages.  This really gave children the opportunity to be inquisitive about the patterns of language.

Teachers have shared posters with details of the languages they have studied and the places they have travelled.  This has set off some interesting conversations with young learners about places they would love to visit and languages they would like to learn.  Let’s hope that we will soon have those opportunities again!

On Friday we held an International Food Tasting event, which was an opportunity to sample some delicious specialities from other countries.

Vinehall Competition: Years 5-8 have been set “The Great Languages Challenge” developed by the British Council.  Children can choose from a selection of international and linguistic challenges.  Bring or send evidence to Mrs Clayton by Friday 1st October.

Five or more challenges completed will be rewarded with credits, with prizes for the most and best!

European Day of Languages T-shirt Competition:

Each year a T-shirt design is chosen by the European Centre for Modern Languages to promote the European Day of Languages.  This is an international competition, Vinehall entries will be sent together by the end of term. European Day of Languages > Activities > EDL T-Shirt Contest (ecml.at)

Acorn Clayton