Last Friday afternoon Honor H, Isobel F, Rosie D, Imogen W, Jamie M, Yoshi C, Henry C and Arthur P travelled to Saint Ronan’s for the Benchley Cross Country relays.  This is a team event in which an U10 runner set off first and run a 1.6km lap, tagging the U11 runner who also does a 1.6km lap, who then tags the U12 runner who runs a 2km lap, who tags the U13 runner who runs the last 2km.

The girls raced first and completed the course in 6th place. A fantastic achievement considering how early in the term it was and how for some it was their very first cross-country event.

The boys’ race followed and they did brilliantly by coming 3rd overall.  A special mention must go to Henry C and Jamie M who were running up a year.

It was great to see the teams doing so well at a cross country event and something we as a school will definitely be looking to build upon over the term.

Matt McKinnon