It may only be Week 2 but that has not stopped the Fabulous Fives from diving straight into their learning with great enthusiasm.

In Maths, we learnt from Miss Tripp this week that having a ‘maths mindset’ means that we can represent our understanding in many different ways and that it is important to be resilient like Terry Tortoise.  Did you know that our brain is a muscle and it actually grows, creating new pathways, when we make mistakes?  We will be working hard this year to learn from mistakes and use them to become even greater mathematicians.

In English, we have launched into our new topic ‘Anthologies: I like this poem.’  We can now explain to you what the word anthology means and we learnt about the editor of our book, Kaye Webb, and found familiar poems that we have read and enjoyed before.  Using the dictionaries and Thesaurus proved useful as we read a synopsis of the introduction to the book.

In Geography, we discovered through an exciting guessing game what our new topic will be.  We asked Ms Linney a range of ‘yes or no’ questions from ‘Is that the Norway Rugby team?’ to ‘Is that a prison?’ and ‘Is that Charles Dickens or is it Charles Darwin?’  Finally, we guessed ‘Is our topic about islands?’

Amazing Islands is the theme and this week we looked at a world map of amazing islands around the world.  We have been busy researching a chosen island to learn more about the food, art and music. We will then feedback to the class and explore Google Earth.

What a great week of learning.

Ally Linney