What a fantastic start to our second week in the Juniors.  Fabulous 4B had a great day out in Bexhill with Ed Gilsenan and Ally Linney. The manners were impeccable, the listening was focused and the learning was tangible!

As a part of their new Humanities topic, 4B travelled to Bexhill Museum to learn more about the Romans and the Celts.  They enjoyed a scavenger hunt throughout the museum while learning Roman Numerals and some words in Latin.  4B really enjoyed dressing up as Romans as they marched, ‘Sin, sin, sin, dex, sin’ around the museum.  Please do ask them the meaning of those words in English!  They also observed some very interesting artefacts and learnt whether they were Roman or Celtic.

After lunch in the park (and a quick work out on the exercise machines!), 4B made their way to the beach and designed some wonderfully creative Roman mosaics of their own.  Finally, they enjoyed a tasty ice-cream from Buxtons in the sunshine!

Thank you 4B for a fabulous day – Billie Bee Collaboration all around. Also, many thanks to Bexhill Museum for hosting us.

Ally Linney