If you run a drama department, I imagine you should expect some drama! However, I was not prepared for the news that my star, Rory R, had broken his leg on a trip to Bewl Reservoir last Friday! Umi M was also out of action with a torn ligament and I had only just sorted the loss of David D and Sofia E! I have aged considerably in the last few weeks!

Just as I was contemplating Plan 679, which involved me squeezing into the Bugsy costume, Rory’s mother informed me that the show would go on and our gallant hero would hobble into school drugged up on pain relief! A beautiful white armchair to go with the striking set was located by my gorgeous assistant, Kate H, and there were last-minute discussions with the cast to work out how they could adapt the action to accommodate our sedentary story teller.

Friday’s audience enjoyed themselves tremendously and our amazing actors managed so well you might have thought it was meant to be thus. Indeed our 24-hours’ notice Tallulah, Delilah, even managed to change the line ‘I like my men at my feet’ to ‘I like my man on a seat!’ to the great amusement of all. Gangster hats off to all the children, but especially Rory – what a trouper!

At the end of the evening the Year 8s had great fun going crazy with the remaining ‘splurge’ and staff, pupils and the entire stage were covered.  The mammoth clear up on Saturday was less enjoyable, but I am hugely grateful to my trusty team of parents who mucked in with the less glamorous part of a production and to Aly O’Sullivan for conquering the laundry mountain!

If you would like to see the film (shot before the accident) please follow the link below and enjoy!

Mary Alderson