After a night of camping, it was a huge ask for the Year 8 pupils to create a mosaic, but they did it!  Their work is now displayed on the driveway for all to see. It sparkles in the light and is a focal point for ‘sustainability’, which is so important to Vinehall.

The piece also symbolizes a sense of community and shows that every member of the school plays an important role.

It has taken many people to make this mosaic happen.  I would like to thank Year 8 for their collaboration and diligence; Hannah Griffiths, the mosaic artist, for her beautiful work and expertise; Joff Powis for backing the project from the start; Matt McKinnon for loaning us the sports hall; Danny, Ben, Dave and Roger for the practical side of displaying a very heavy mosaic; and Ollie Dorman for his expertise with a sealant gun.

We hope you enjoy the craftsmanship from Year 8 for many years to come.

Tracey Konyu