Year 6 enjoyed a trip to Scotney Castle this week, undeterred by the rain! This cross-curricular visit was planned jointly by the English and Art departments (with a dash of History for good measure).

The purpose was to inspire the children with the idea of ancient and picturesque settings and also to explore the idea of “windows into other worlds”, a concept which cleverly connected with our reading of “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman. This novel encompasses various genres, including fantasy, adventure and horror.

We toured the ground floor of the mansion on the Scotney Estate, and visited and sketched parts of the old castle as well. We also visited the Ice House which was very atmospheric. Lastly, we enjoyed a quintessentially English ice cream in the rain!

On our return to Vinehall, the children continued their sketches and wrote poetry and stories inspired by the sights of Scotney. Speaking about the trip, Rosie D declared: “It was a bit wet but we all had lots of fun!”

Emily Platt (Head of English) and Tracey Konyu (Head of Art)