Today we all worked on a rotation of activities and it was a very safety conscious day! Apart from this, we had a very safety conscious day!

We worked on Emergency First Aid, including resuscitation, with our visiting trainer Jeremy. We learned several important techniques and processes to make sure that we are well-equipped for an emergency situation should it arise in the future.

In the afternoon, we worked on water-based survival in the pool. As we come into what we hope will be a warm summer, it was really useful to understand how we might help ourselves or others should anyone get into difficulty.

Of course, we also rehearsed for Bugsy Malone, which seems to be coming together nicely.


Form time as usual and then we used the computers until our first break. After our break, we went to the theatre and did our Bugsy Malone rehearsal until 12:30. We jumped into the minibuses and were on our way to Olivia S’s beach-hut for a barbecue. Ms Newcomb was already there, preparing our lunch and we played petanque. After we ate our delicious meal, we made our way to the sea. Some people had a swim, but others stayed on the shore.

A while later, we went back to the hut and got changed out of our soaked clothes. We ate some ice-cream with strawberries, packed up and went back to the minibuses.

We got back at 4:30 which was in time for Carlos, Eric, Gustave and Rory to attend the tennis match and for the rest of Year 8 to go to the Bugsy Malone rehearsals. A great day!


We started off the day with a Bugsy Malone rehearsal and were then put into groups for the day. The groups did two activities – tower building with art straws and tape and a cooking challenge where the group would separate into pairs and use the ingredients around them to make a dish without any help from teachers.  There was a judging panel of teachers and Mylo and I won! Then it was time for matches – the girls were away and the boys didn’t have a match so we played tennis instead.