With our usual residential trip unable to happen this year, Year 5 enjoyed a week packed full of activities instead. Here the children reflect on two of their favourites – a day at beach school and overnight camping at Vinehall.

Rye Bay Beach:
On Thursday 17th June, we went to Rye Bay Beach School at Winchelsea.  When we got there, 5F walked in the sea with shrimp nets to try and catch some shrimp and other fish. 5P collected elderflower heads and made elderflower cordial. Everyone had a turn to zest the lemons and oranges, juice them and then we watched the cordial be strained and poured into bottles that we took home to enjoy! Then we swapped over and took a look at each other’s finds. We had caught some shrimp and one of us even caught an eel! We had our picnic lunch then collected flat rocks for decorating to remind us of the sea, an activity we all enjoyed!

When we were shrimping, there was a sea fret (a thin mist) which made it almost impossible to see the other group! Then, after a very fun-filled and interesting day, we went back to school and had an ice lolly on the way. My favourite part was making the elderflower cordial!

Once we got back to Vinehall, we did our clubs or went to the library and then had supper. It was BBQ chicken or macaroni cheese. After that we played rounders which was fun! The thunderstorm warning meant we couldn’t camp outside, but we camped inside instead. We had time to unpack our stuff and then went down to the outdoor learning classroom and had Kit-Kats, apple juice, hot chocolate and marshmallows around a roaring camp fire, and told each other some funny stories. Then we went to our dorms for the night.  I liked the rounders, the campfire and the hot chocolate – an all-round great day!

Felicity M and Isla M