As part of our Leavers’ Programme activities, we went to Go Ape in Bedgebury Pinetum on Thursday. After a short trip in a minibus, both Year 8 classes were sorted into groups for the climbing. Having gone through all the safety procedures, we took a short walk through the forest to the start of the course. It was a misty day, with stereotypical English drizzle pattering on the springy ground around us, but we were luckily fairly sheltered under the huge pine trees.

We climbed up the first tower and began the first part of the course, which involved ropes and tunnels used to get between the trees. We had managed to persuade Mrs Percy-White to climb some of the way with us, but she quickly stopped, having finished the first course. After we had finished each section, we walked on to the next, until we got to the final one, which was around 20 feet high! We went onto a small platform, and then jumped down into a cargo net which we then climbed up. This was quite scary but very amusing, especially if you were watching the other people in your group jump off.

All in all, we had a great time at Go Ape (despite the weather), speeding down ziplines, clambering up ropes, and crawling through tunnels between trees high in the air. We are all looking forward to the rest of our leavers’ programme; hopefully it will be as exciting as the past few days’ activities have been.

Honor F, Year 8