On Wednesday we headed off bright and early to Lewes, to the Barbican Museum, with Ms Newcomb driving us.

On arrival, Lynn Gayford, Head of Learning, led the children in a fascinating session where they handled real tools and weapons from the Stone Age, found in the local area; there was a lot of thinking like Ollie Owl, much curiosity like Cassie Cat, and oodles of teamwork like Billy Bee.

Other activities on the day included a story time about hunter-gatherers and farmers; the children then had to decide which they would have preferred, with reasons to justify their choice. A look in the museum in the Pre-history section was followed by lunch, and then we were back in the 11th century, climbing the spiral staircases to the top of both towers! What a fantastic view from the top we had, at the end of a great day out. Lollies and a goody bag topped it off! Thanks so much to Ms Newcomb for coming with us again!