On Tuesday 15th June, we were lucky enough to have a professional mosaic artist visit Vinehall to spend the day with our Year 8 pupils. Hannah Griffiths has worked on a variety of major public works for schools and hospitals and has also undertaken many private commissions.

The vision is to have a bright and eye-catching mosaic, in the shape of a beehive, to adorn the driveway. The aim is to create strong links to the idea of community and sustainability. To quote a phrase used this week by one of my colleagues, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’.

Each pupil started with a simple design and then transferred their drawing to an MDF hexagon. Some pupils created two hexagons, while others set to work on the queen, drone and worker bees.

Hannah and I were amazed by the quantity and, more importantly, the quality of the work. Considering the small amount of sleep acquired by the Year 8s after a packed night of camping, the results were fabulous.

Here are a selection of photographs showing the stages. The whole work is being assembled by Hannah and me.

Well done Year 8!

Tracey Konyu