A sea of colour greeted all who were present for the much-anticipated house challenge on Wednesday morning.

Each form was divided into their respective houses and set a challenge to complete. On completion of the challenge, they had to link arms and complete a lap of the athletics track before passing an imaginary baton to the next year group. Year 4 were set the task of transferring the water from one bucket to another using a sponge. Year 5 had to transfer six balls using guttering into a designated target area. Each member of Year 6 had to throw four bean bags into four hoops that were set out at different distances. Year 7 had to complete ten bucket catches from five meters away from a thrower; and Year 8 had the tricky task of having to pad up, sprint forty meters and then unpad for the next teammate to replicate the process.

It was fabulous to hear the cheering for all the houses as the year groups worked their way through each task. It was a competition at the end of the day and Ashton must be congratulated on completing the house challenge the fastest.