On Tuesday 3E had a wonderful day with Mr Ken Brooks, a retired teacher and local geologist, at Pett beach.

He captured the children’s imagination by telling them that thousands of years ago the landscape was very different, with no sea at all! As it was low tide, they walked out on the sunken forest, finding trees over five thousand years old. Back on dry land he taught them how to tap stones and pebbles together, listening for the pitch to tell if it is flint.

They found what looked very like the toe print of a dinosaur, some bone bed, and some bivalve fossils. At the end of the trip all of the children had a lucky dip, kindly prepared by Mr Brooks, and took home ammonites, brachiopods and more. What great memories were made. Thank you to Ken, and to Ms Newcomb for driving the minibus and buying ice lollies!