We had only reached the John’s Cross roundabout before shouts of ‘are we nearly there yet?’ filled the air!  Thankfully, Buzz Active in Cuckmere was not too far away and we were greeted by the friendly staff and a beautiful day.
We split into groups of boys and girls, with the boys heading off to kayak first and with the girls raft-building. The boys enjoyed a fiercely competitive game of kayak netball. Special mention must go to Carlos whose communication skills and sheer desire to win were amazing! There was a mix of success and failure in the girls’ raft-building, with the mud swallowing the odd shoe much to their owners’ dismay!
After a couple of hours, we swapped over to experience the other activity. The trip finished with a picnic lunch on the banks of the river. Idyllic.
After more enquiries as to the length of the journey on the return leg, we arrived home mid-afternoon and headed straight to the outdoor classroom where we enjoyed some Bushcraft – making a fire and eating French toast.
Now we are erecting the tents on the Front Lawn for our first night of camping. An evening of fun activities and plenty of late night talking awaits …


After a night of camping on the school grounds, you would have thought that anyone walking into breakfast on Tuesday morning might have been greeted with lots of tired eyes. In fact, Year 8 seemed quite well-rested and were very buoyant about the day’s proceedings. There was a lot of talk of games and excitement from the night before, which was lovely to hear.
Today, the we had a whole day mosaic design project lined up. We were very fortunate that Mrs Konyu had managed to enlist the help of local artist Hannah Griffiths to help with the vision of the mosaic, which is being designed as a feature to be displayed on the school grounds.
We all had the opportunity to design mosaic hexagons and help to complete some of the feature pieces for the project as well. The quality of what was produced was absolutely amazing.
Another evening of camping awaits, this time with Mr Powis, Mr Harrison and Ms Tripp as company. Hopefully, everyone will be similarly buoyant on Wednesday morning.


Well, the Year 8s weren’t looking quite as chipper on Wednesday morning as we did on Tuesday but that is not entirely  surprising given it being the morning after the second night in the tents.
After registration, we split into groups (associated with our roles in the play) and headed off to either a rehearsal or a team-building session. In team building, we each used pieces of gutter and a tennis ball to try to negotiate tricky routes around the school grounds without dropping a ball. It helped work on their communication skills but also led to much hilarity when all got into a bit of a muddle!
We then moved onto negotiating our way across a grassy area (or lava pit as it was named) using only a couple of boxes, a bench and two planks of wood. The rules of the game meant that we had to work together as a team and ensure everybody reached the end goal of reaching the other side. There were some really strong communicators in Eric and Delilah, who took the reins to negotiate a successful traverse for all.
After break, we went to the House Challenge with the other year groups. Ashton won, so the Blues among us were happy.  In the afternoon they took their opportunity to score some House points in the Pre-Sports Day Competition, where they took part in a variety of events. Some even took on the 1500m, which was brave in the hot weather!


After a more refreshing sleep, we all arrived this morning looking forward to a trip to Bedgebury to walk through the treetops at GO APE! We all had a wonderful time and even managed to get Mrs Percy-White to accompany us!
When we returned, we had the opportunity to create our tree tags for our leavers’ trees using a Pyro Pen, which was fun! This was followed by a play rehearsal for Bugsy Malone.
Then came the moment we had all been waiting for – exam results. Mr Powis gave us all our certificates and there was such positivity and happiness afterwards. It’s hard to believe that the exams we were all looking at in the distance have now been and gone and only a few weeks remain of our time at prep school.