The girls had an amazing tournament this Wednesday! They won every toss so that they could opt to field first, which helped to chase down the opposition’s score.

The first match was against Marlborough House. It was a convincing win, with 154 runs for three wickets to Marborough’s 126 runs for three wickets. In fielding, Imogen W took two wickets, one from bowling and another from a catch. Tilly R also took a wicket from bowling. Camilla B was particularly impressive in batting, clocking up three 6s and two 4s.

The second match was against Ashford. This was a closer match between the two teams. The final score was 149 runs for three wickets for Vinehall to 135 runs  for Ashford. Camilla took a wicket from the first bowl of the match. Seren W took a catch and then Clara F threw the ball in to hit the stump on the last ball to take a wicket. The girls continued to impress in batting, Seren, Clara and Grace W all clocking up 4s and Camilla another 4 and 6. However, they were still trailing by two runs going into the final batting pair and last two overs. May A and Imogen were outstanding, scoring 23 runs in the 7th over. Imogen hit three 4s, a single run and then May hit a 4 and a 6. The girls then had a final over to play and, rather than risk conceding any wickets, Imogen played defensive block shots to run down the balls.

The third match was a confident win against Dulwich. The final score was 145 runs for one wicket for Vinehall to 126 runs for two wickets for Dulwich. The fielding was impressive, with good bowling from all to not give away many wides or no balls and the opposition struggling to score. The two wickets were from stump out.  In previous matches Seren and Clara had a tough time, conceding two wickets per match from impressive bowling from opposition; however, they opened strong in this match to take an early lead by scoring some 4s. This helped the other pairs to continue to build the lead and play a sensible smart game.

The fourth and final group match was against Saint Ronan’s. They had also won all of their matches up to this point. This match did not disappoint; it was fiercely competitive and very exciting. Saint Ronan’s batted extremely well, scoring lots of single runs and the batting pair in for the 3rd and 4th over scored an impressive 29 runs including two 6s and two 4s. In fact they only had 7 dotted balls. Vinehall managed to take two wickets, one from a catch from Seren and another from Polly S’s bowling. Vinehall went into bat; it wasn’t going well at first, with two early bowled wickets from the first over. However, Clara settled in the second over to score a 6 and a 4 to level it back out and, with a few runs, started to build up the score. Tilly also scored a 4. Camilla and Grace both batted well, Grace scoring a 4and Camilla a 4 and a 6.  However, they were unlucky to also have two wickets taken against them. Going into the final two overs, needing 25 runs to win, the final batting pair of Imogen and May had a challenge on their hands. Imogen batted out of skin. She scored three 4s and a 6. On the last ball they needed three to win; they managed a single run, but that meant, we had lost by 1 run. Final score: Vinehall 152 runs for four wickets; Saint Ronan’s 153 for two wickets. A fantastic effort!

Finishing 2nd in the group meant playing the team that came 2nd in the other group for the Plate Final. This was a convincing win against Sutton Valence. They fielded brilliantly, taking four wickets, a catch from Clara, and three from being stumped out. This resulted in the opposition struggling to build a lead from a three ball over. They also batted efficiently, with Seren, Camilla and Imogen scoring a four each, and only conceded one wicket. They had a good lead going into the final over, so Imogen played a defensive block shot again to use up the good balls and play safe to not concede any wickets. Final score: Vinehall 117 runs for one wicket; Sutton Valence 106 runs for four wickets.

It was a long afternoon in very hot playing conditions, but the girls had high spirits and stayed focussed throughout all the matches. A few shout outs: firstly Veronika; she only joined the school on Monday and came along and tried her best in a sport she is not familiar with, even scoring runs with her partner Tilly whilst batting. Scarlett R for being consistent whilst batting with Polly and between them clocking up some crucial single runs. Scarlett also bowled in the Plate Final match and was accurate on every bowl. However, all  the girls played really well for each other and contributed to the team’s success. Well done!

Laura Percy White