On our final Thursday of the half term, the Thrilling Threes and the Fabulous Fours enjoyed a wonderful morning in our outdoor classroom. Dressed for the (finally!) sunny weather, we were ready to spend some quality time in nature with our friends. Our thanks go to Mrs Barrett who helped to organise the many resources needed to make our morning extra special. With smiling faces, we loaded our arms and shared the jobs and arrived with hours of fun ahead of us.

Our special activity this week was to use dough, which we made ourselves using flour, warm water and a bit of oil, to create woodland creatures. We had a look at some wonderful ideas before heading out and we certainly put our creative minds into action! Hedgehogs, toadstools, slugs, snails and more! Look at our delightful creations.

Mrs Barrett helped to start our fire and then many of us spent time mastering the firelighters. We know that it takes a certain angle, a bit of muscle and a lot of patience!

Not only did we have some fresh fruit to enjoy, but also our special treat – hot chocolate! Ms Linney toasted our tasty crumpets (which, like Maisie Monkey, many of us tried for the first time). We added our own butter or jam and sat around the fire for a well-earned ‘snack and chat.’

After that, it was time for free play which saw many of us enjoying a game of ‘Family Tag’ as we rushed through the trees. Dens were carefully constructed. Marshmallows were roasted, burnt and enjoyed! Camp songs were sung in unison.

What joy our outdoor classroom always brings!

Mrs Barrett, Mrs Everist, Miss Everist and Ms Linney