We were so lucky to see the sunshine on Tuesday when we visited Bateman’s, home of Rudyard Kipling. For Year 3 this was their first outing in the Prep School and they behaved beautifully. First stop was the pond; Kipling used to write ‘FIP’ in his visitors’ book next to those who ended up falling in! There were fish and tadpoles in abundance, which the children observed for a long time. There was much excitement when one made it from the shallows into the main pond. We saw the sundial where Rudyard would take his guests if they appeared to be overstaying their welcome. ‘It is later than you think’ is engraved on the side.

Next stop was the little bridge in the wild garden where we played ‘Pooh Sticks’. We talked about ‘No Mow May’ and why long grasses and meadow flowers are so important for insects, birds and bees. Wild garlic grew by the stream and we smelt it with varying responses!

Although some rooms in the house were closed, the children enjoyed the parlour, the hall and the dining room, where they asked the guides some sensible questions. They saw Rudyard’s Rolls Royce and then off we went to the wild play area to have our picnic lunch (thanks, Chef Matt). After a fantastic playtime Danny came to collect us on the minibus (thanks, Danny!)

Well done to all the children for being such lovely company, and thank you to Mr Howard and Mrs Lomas for coming too. Can’t wait for the next trip now!

Carina Everist