Year 2 Aboriginal Insects

We have reached the end of our bee project and have been practising the Aboriginal dot painting technique.  However, I must add that it is considered disrespectful to paint in this style on behalf of another culture. Therefore, we decided to be inspired by it and not to copy it exactly.  During the lesson, we talked about why the symbol of the circle is so important in Art, discussed bioluminescence and also Morse code. In just one art lesson!

Year 4 Art Club

The task was to create an impactful art piece ‘WOW’ word. We looked at the school dispositions which are ‘collaborative’, ‘reflective’, ‘courageous’, ‘inquisitive’ and ‘resilient’. Some pupils decided to stick with the dispositions, while others decided on keywords connected to Art. Words such as ‘cake’ and ‘edam’ were also deemed to be powerful words. Who can argue with that?

Year 6 Found Insects

The Year 6 pupils were given the challenge of working with wire this term. The objective was to create strong links and to manipulate the different gauges. A challenging task and, at times, frustrating. Creativity is highly frustrating at times but with perseverance the results can be impressive. Their work was inspired by the creations of the artist Chris Goodwin and the overriding theme of Sustainability.

Tracey Konyu