There were some wonderful teaching and learning moments last week in Fabulous Year Four!

Mrs Barrett helping 4B to understand the magnitude of Mount Vesuvius’ eruption and just how much ash and debris covered Pompeii. Metre sticks and Freddie F helped to wrap our minds around how high it was piled up!

We ended last week with a bit of fun and quite a bit of intensity! Our Morning Starters were filled with smiles and laughter as 4L played spelling guessing games and built their words out of blocks while 4B tested their coordinate skills as they played Battleships.

In the afternoon, it was time to celebrate our final lesson in our Active Planet Learning Journey and Mrs Barrett set up an exciting experiment using Mentos and Coca Cola and another experiment using vinegar and bicarbonate soda … That’s right! Our volcano exploded at first and fizzled at last. It was so exciting, the Year 3s had to come and see what all the erupting laughter was about!

In Maths, the Year 4s have persevered and earnt quite a few Terry Tortoise stickers as our learning to do with money became quite complex as the week progressed. We know how to write and add amounts of money but working out how much change to give back really made us think!

Our Recounts unit in English has brought about some reading and comprehension work. We have learnt about antonyms and synonyms and have discovered just how handy the thesaurus can be! We have also practised how to answer orally in full sentences (not just beginning our sentences with because or answering with one word) and we put these skills into writing.

As always, plenty of hard work and dedication in the De Beer!

Louise Barrett