On Tuesday morning Year 5 headed to Robertsbridge to find out about our local area, as part of our geography work this term.

We walked along Station Road and the High Street to see what facilities and services are on offer in the village and were surprised by the number of businesses there. We used our maps to follow the route and marked on the businesses.

Once we reached the recreation ground, we had a quick play and everyone enjoyed the variety of equipment available.

We then headed back into the village to carry out a traffic survey, as well as interview locals to find out what they liked and disliked about the village. It was surprisingly busy at 10:30am and we were very lucky to remain dry; it began to pour on our way back to school!

The children were well-behaved and enjoyed collecting the data; it was nice to hear some children thanking us for taking them out on a fun trip.
Louise Hawtin