The start of the Summer term is wonderful for so many reasons; the flowers in bloom, the sun shining and, most importantly, the Year 1 children choose their own topic. All the children suggest topics they would like to learn about and we then carry out a series of votes to narrow it down to one topic. This year the children chose Pets for their Learning Journey. To start off the topic the children looked at what they already knew about pets and what they would like to find out.  As no year have ever chosen the same topic, it is always interesting for me to plan our activities around the children’s interests. The engagement and enjoyment the children gain from being so involved in their learning is amazing and why this term will always be my favourite to teach.

Magical pets, pet stars and vets are just a few of the areas we have explored this term. Alongside the children’s topic we have also had some wonderful adventures, including our gardening with Mrs Borrows and the Gully Picnic which the children would now like to do once a term. Mrs Winn and I think this is a great idea and we are guided by a class of Maisie Monkeys!

To celebrate the children’s learning, they would usually be able to share their progress and memories with parents and families through the Year 1 Assembly. Due to current guidelines this was not possible so we decided to use videos and pictures to showcase the children’s discoveries this term.

Click here to watch the Assembly