‘What is the name of where a river begins?’ Mrs Barrett called out whilst walking along the Cuckmere River.

‘THE SOURCE!’ the Year 4s replied.

‘Where does a river end?’ she asked.

‘THE MOUTH!’ they replied in unison.

‘What is the name for the bend in the river?’ she began, ‘The part that wiggles.’


The Year 4s had a brilliant day out at Cuckmere River. It was a gloriously sunny day and the pupils did themselves and our school proud. Hot on the heels of Earth Day, our ‘Eco-Warriors’ excitedly raced as they collected as much rubbish as possible. Freddie F even brought a litter-picker, which was a great help. Not only did we appreciate the amazing geographical feature that is a meander, but the Year 4s also spotted swans, Canadian geese (to Ms Linney’s delight) and a few herons. We saw up close how micro-plastic becomes broken down and is too challenging to collect as it washes up the river system. We shared our ideas on the importance of reducing plastic use (in particular single-use plastic). After our long walk, we enjoyed a picnic lunch on the beach. Thank you Year 4s; you were polite to passers-by, engaging to be around throughout the day, and supportive of our natural world. Well done!