For the last week of term we wanted to get the children enjoying a variety of sports. Lacrosse was introduced to Year 8 and was very popular. It was lovely to hear lots of laughter whilst Mr Gilsenan and I decided that the Lacrosse sticks would make great brooms and discussed the possibility of playing Quidditch from Harry Potter.  The majority of Year 7 were keen to have a swimming session and enjoyed recapping some survival skills; they also enjoyed playing some Tennis. Year 6 were also introduced to Lacrosse and most of Year 5 were delighted to play football. Year 4 have continued to master their Hockey skills and Year 3 played both Hockey and Football. All year groups have enjoyed their PE lessons, playing either dodgeball, family it, 40-40 or sardines using the fantastic outdoor space and woodlands to play in with lots of running about. Within all these lessons some year groups have also had cricket and netball and every year group had a Hockey lesson. A fun-filled and action-packed week of sport!

Laura Percy-White