After a whirlwind two weeks of rehearsals, our intrepid Year 3 and 4s were filmed on Thursday for ‘The Pirates of the Curry Bean’, a crazy musical full of terrible jokes and wonderful songs, larger than life characters and a mass of ridiculous props.  Once the two bubbles have been spliced together, DVDs will be issued to the cast and a link for those who would like to enjoy the mad-cap adventure and admire the children’s skill and enthusiasm.

Jack (Poppy O) and Liza (Mia G) Perriwinkle and their faithful cat Fiddlesticks (Tristan S) live in the Squirty Squid tavern, where their mother Pearl (a fabulously over-the-top Daniella L) is the landlady.  When Uncle Deadeye (a mischievous Matilda B) stirs up trouble by leaving a treasure map in their midst, the crew of the pirate ship, the Curry Bean, led by the infamous Redbeard (a scary and dramatic Summer P) take Pearl hostage and a race begins to find the treasure on the mysterious island of Lumbago in the sea of Sciatica.  Captain Cod (a most authoritative Albert M) and the ridiculously stupid Horatio Hornhonker (Louis L) lead the rescue party on the SS Crunchy Frog, with a disparate group of incompetent sailors (Tom G, Archie M, Hannah W, James H and Max P).  They are drawn into a great battle against Redbeard’s crew of Cecily G (Loopy Louie the Captain’s loyal first mate), Isabella DD, Freddie F, Honor H, Monty P, Lorelei F and Zara SW, with Squawk the Parrot (William H) delivering some wonderful one-liners and barbed insults.  Jack L and India P were the jobs-worthy Health & Safety Inspectors, Pratt and Wally, and Frankie F and Felix G provided some hilarious business as the comedy duo Scuttle and Slack.  Finally the family is reunited with their long-lost father, Stanley (Alara K), who had served as chief to the islanders since being hit on the head with a coconut and forgetting his pirate past.

Our lovely Year 3s supported the singing throughout and were very versatile in their performances as rats, monkeys, shadows and natives of Lumbago.

All the children have worked very hard, first in remote sessions going through the lines and learning the songs, and then in person, getting used to being on the big stage, trying to remember the script and complex order of events, mastering the choreography and throwing themselves into the almost cartoonish characters.  We are very proud of them all.

Thank you to Louise Barratt, Ally Linney and Carina Everist, who have supported rehearsals so efficiently.  Thanks to John Alderson for taking the photographs; Tom Moore for his skill on the lights; Chris Towndrow for filming and editing it all together; to those parents who have lent bits and bobs; and Finn and Tom for wielding their Gapper paint brushes.  I am so grateful to Susan Fulford for her brilliant musical coaching and support.  However, my biggest and most heart-felt appreciation goes to the wonderfully artistic Kate Hunt, who has single-handedly made or found all the costumes, designed and implemented the set and collected or created the props.  She is the star of the show!

Mary Alderson

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