Easter is one of my favourite times of the year.  The sun is starting to shine (though AWOL today!), the birds are tweeting, flowers are blooming and it is an excuse to eat chocolate.  What’s not to love!  However, as Easter approaches, I am always ready for some tricky questions from children.  Unlike at Christmas, when we share the Nativity story which children remember as fluffy sheep, kings, stars and a baby’s birth, Easter is a more complex story to share.  With more than 2.3 billion people practising some form of Christianity in the world (that’s about one-third of the world’s total population), Easter is most definitely on the curriculum at Vinehall.

In the past I have had parents ask me how I share the Easter story in school with the young children, so I thought in today’s newsletter, I would take the opportunity to explain.

I start by asking the children what they know about Easter and, with their help, we put together the Easter Story in an age-appropriate way.  Little ones pick up bits and pieces from their friends or family, not necessarily processing it correctly as they are so young, so our job as educators/parents is to unpick their misunderstandings.  I have had answers such as ‘Easter is when Jesus eats chocolate eggs’ and ‘did you know the Easter Bunny went on the cross?’

I explain that it is a story in the bible and an event that Christians mark and celebrate.  We focus on Good Friday being the day that Jesus died and then Easter Sunday is the day that Jesus came back to life – a miracle.  Children often ask why it is called Good Friday if Jesus died and I usually say because perhaps the person who named it knew that the story would have a happy ending.  Then there is much discussion on the Easter Bunny’s arrival, how eggs symbolise new beginnings and how exciting it is to get an Easter Egg!  We keep it light and ensure it is at a level their developing brains can process.  In the run up to this we also have frequent discussions in class about whether families celebrate Easter or not and how culturally we all celebrate different things – and being all unique is wonderful!  Whatever our beliefs or faith, we can all embrace the onset of Spring and the rebirth of life after a long period of darkness.

We wish you all a restful and happy Easter break.


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