In this fun compilation video (as part of our extended celebration of World Book Day), several Vinehall teachers share some of their favourite books with you to demonstrate the pure entertainment, delight and joy of reading.

There are some magical moments in this compilation video, which our Australian gappers (Finn Harrison and Tom Howard) have cleverly and kindly created.

As noted in the video, please ask your teachers if you would like to hear longer versions of the extracts read by the teachers in your classroom next term! And, as an added bonus, many of these videos will be available on our social media channels in Jackanory form, where Vinehall release one video each week, to promote our love of literacy.

We hope you enjoy this light-hearted look at books and we encourage you all to have five minutes’ peace over the holidays and curl up with a book. Please see Lucy P’s poem below …

The Magic of Reading by Lucy P (6M)

Books have a certain magic,

That no-one can understand,

And if you believe hard enough,

They will take you by the hand,

And lead you through those sugary woods,

Straight into Fairyland.

When you open a glorious book,

You can open your eyes and look,

Dive into the world of words,

Where princes fight dragons with swords.

Everyone deserves this magic,

Whether the ending is happy or tragic.

So if you haven’t started already,

Curl up on the sofa and grab your teddy,

It’s wonderful – so get ready!

Lucy P (6M)


The power of peer review (Year 7)

As this term draws to a close, Year 7 conclude a series of presentations on aspects of space and the universe. This was part of a scheme of work on science fiction, which has included looking at robots, reading some short stories and watching extracts from science-fiction movies to stimulate our creative writing.

The Year 7s each produced presentations on a wide range of topics from Mars to the moon, and entertained, educated and informed us all.

As part of our approach to English teaching and learning, we like to promote peer review when appropriate and useful.

Here, children rated each other’s presentations (and their own) in order to promote that very important disposition, Reflection. Interestingly, the children are very fair and open-minded when awarding each other scores.

The children recognised when presenters have done a good job and when presenters could have looked up more. On the whole, the children recognised that engaging with your subject-matter, having an in-depth knowledge of your topic and presenting a presentation which demonstrated the highlights of your research would get the highest marks.

Mr Powis and I have been extremely impressed with the outcome of this project. The children have become more proficient using PowerPoint, particularly transitions (which were a revelation to some!) They have explored the terrain of Mars via Google, something which only 21st-century students are privileged enough to be able to do. Henry P also taught us about the life of an astronaut in space and showed us some fascinating video clips which entertained everyone!

The photos below are Camilla B (7S) and Monty G (7S)  in full flow: