This week we have been very busy sowing seeds in preparation for this year’s growing season. Year 5 have been sowing early peas in the courtyard, and making their own newspaper pots to sow dwarf French beans. Year 4, meanwhile, have sown sweetcorn seeds and are already looking forward to the promise of barbequed corn-on-the-cob come the end of the summer. Year 3 have sown a variety of different pumpkin cultivars including ‘Atlantic Giant’ and ‘Rouge Vif d’Etampes’ which is often referred to as the ‘Cinderella’ pumpkin as it is thought that this French heirloom cultivar inspired the magical creation of Cinderella’s coach in the classic fairy tale by Charles Perrault.

We talked about the fact that most of our seeds are from tender plants, so we are keeping them snug and warm in our classrooms until the weather is warm enough for them to venture outside. By which time the new vegetable beds behind the back of the Melon Garden should have taken shape and be ready to receive their first plants.

We are looking forward to seeing whether our seeds have germinated (fingers crossed!) when we come back after the Easter holidays. A dedicated team of helpers will be on hand to keep them watered over the break.

Also this week, the Year 8s have been outside planting their leavers’ gift – twenty-four apple trees that will form the beginnings of the new school orchard. The children chose their own cultivars of apple, including the brilliantly named ‘Bloody Ploughmans’, and spent an hour or so with the hands in the soil, helping the trees get off to a good start.

Rachel Borrows