A theme of Voyages links Years 6 and 7


Year 7 has at last seen Odysseus return home after the Trojan War, having suffered hardship and deprivation throughout most of his extensive travels around the Mediterranean. With those still loyal to him, he must overcome the Suitors and their depredations in his palace. He and his son, Telemachus, show that revenge is a dish best served cold as they enact that revenge with deliberate, decisive intent. This is up there with The Count of Monte Cristo as an epic tale of planned vengeance!

Year 6, meanwhile, having embarked on the internal, intellectual and emotional journeys of The Renaissance, is now embarking on the external, physical voyages of discovery which also characterised the age. Commercial curiosity and phenomenal courage underpinned these explorers’ travels. Columbus’s genius wasn’t so much crossing the Atlantic, as recognising that prevailing trade winds could be used to do so repeatedly. And how he, De Gama, Magellan et al ever got anywhere in barques and carracks of their type is seriously impressive!

Ed Gilsenan

Head of Classics