During this latest lockdown, I have heard about a few very interesting art competitions.

Here are two exciting initiatives.

The Young Artists’ Summer Show-2021, organised by The Royal Academy, involves sending a photograph of your best piece of work to me with a title and a small description of your work including the medium used. There are no rules regarding the theme and size of work. You can use whatever you like.

You will need a permission slip from me to enter your work through the school. Details can be found online and, if you are interested, please contact me. The absolute deadline for submissions is 22nd April. Please do not bring your work to school but send me a photograph of your work.  Good luck!

The second is for The Great Big Art Exhibition run by the Arts Council.

It is simply to show your best work in your window, using your house as a gallery. I would love to see your photos and I will send them off to The Arts Council.

Tracey Konyu