Following on from the British Pie week, this week the Seniors got involved with international Pi day celebrated this Sunday (3/14/21 when the date is written in the America style). The UK Mathematics Trust is conducting a large-scale experiment to calculate pi.  The children had to create a grid of parallel lines (a distance of two match sticks between them) and record how many times sticks crossed the line (Buffon’s Needle Experiment).  The number of ‘throws’ divided by how many fell on the line was then calculated.

On their own work, many children were getting between three and four.  By collating all the class results we ‘threw’ a mammoth 1355 match sticks onto their grids with 425 landing on the lines giving us a value of 3.19 and edging closer to Pi.  These results have now been sent to the national experiment and we look forward to hearing how close the country can get to Pi.

Alison Tripp