This term it was decided to tie in British Pie Week with a focus on promoting the Fundamental British Values which underpin so much of the curriculum that we cover in a number of different subjects. In doing so, we wanted to see how each of those individual values acts as an ingredient to make up the British Values Pie.

In tutor periods in the Prep School, we have looked at the concepts of Democracy, Individual Liberty, The Rule of Law, as well as Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Other People’s Faiths and Beliefs.

We have thought about how each of these things affects us personally and the freedoms that they afford and will afford us in years to come.

Whilst these themes are touched on in so many areas of school life, it is always nice to cover them in isolation from time to time and I have been really impressed with the mature way in which the children have approached them.

In the Pre-Prep, our older children have embraced British Pie Week by creating their own ‘friendship pies’ and our Nursery and Kindergarten have been making delicious apple pies.