As you know, this week has been Children’s Mental Health Week. The week started with Mr Powis’ assembly on the theme of ‘Express Yourself.’ He spoke about our inner sparkle and making sure we avoid unkindness which can so easily erode people’s willingness to show exactly who they are. It also involved him gradually destroying a rather striking tie!

Throughout the week, children have had opportunities to focus on positive mental health in various different ways, not least in Art lessons where drawing and doodling to music has made for a creative experiment.

On Teams, all pupils in the Prep School have had access to a community Children’s Mental Health Week source of activities.  This has included Mindfulness Colouring and also some Guided Meditations provided by our own Ally Linney that have included marvellously named activities such as the ‘Sleeping Crocodile’ and ‘Wide-Eyed Bird.’

The week culminated in our Express Yourself Friday, where various hair-dos and questionable sartorial decisions led to an enjoyable conclusion. This day really emphasised the importance of being an individual and allowing everyone in the community to feel safe and secure in their ability to demonstrate their own sense of style.
Thank you to all who worked so hard to make it a success and to the children who embraced the activities in exactly the right way.