I have been hugely impressed with the quality of creative writing from Year 8 this term – we have been studying Macbeth, and, to test their imaginations, I set them the challenge of writing a story about a witch, a welly boot and a cat. (We have been thinking about what a Shakespearean audience would make of the Weird Sisters in Macbeth, at a time when belief in witches was prevalent).

Year 8 have understood that ‘Grey Malkin’ (the cat) and ‘Paddock’ (the toad) (referred to by the witches in Act 1, Scene 1 of the play) would have been the ‘familiars’ (faithful companions/servants) of the witches.

These two pieces of writing from Honor F (8PB) and Delilah G (8DB) are mesmerising, stunning pieces of prose. Enjoy!

Creative writing about a witch – Delilah G

Creative writing about a witch – Honor F

Year 8 have also been creating sketches of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

I particularly like Olivia H’s stark image of Macbeth (in a tartan kilt, brandishing a dagger) and Lady Macbeth (in a voluminous black and green gown) (we have been looking at colour imagery and thinking about the symbolism of colour in the play).

This oil pastel sketch by Ottoline G (8DB ) shows Macbeth and Lady Macbeth beautifully dressed in noble Middle Ages garb (the play was set in the 11th century).

This sketch of Lady Macbeth by Clementine D shows her preparing to dose King Duncan’s guards with wine laced with sleeping potion as Macbeth prepares himself to do the bloody deed of killing Duncan to realise the last of the witches’ prophecies (“thou shalt be king hereafter”).