Following the very sad news of the death of the inspirational Captain Sir Tom Moore, our very own Dr Tom Moore has launched a challenge to honour his memory.

Alongside the February PE Form challenge he would like pupils, parents and staff to be creative in doing 100 of something to celebrate Captain Sir Tom Moore’s 100 marvellous years. It could be to learn 100 new spellings; bake 100 scones and give them to your neighbours; complete 100 hours of community service; the opportunities are limitless.

Pupils could perhaps do 100 laps of the garden, which would also serve to rack up the mileage for the PE challenge? Burpees, sit ups, keepie-uppies or just 100 hours of reading a favourite book! You may wish to raise money for the NHS which Captain Sir Tom Moore valued so highly or you may just like to act out of respect, but whatever you do we would like to hear about your activities! Vinehall’s Tom Moore will be reviewing the feedback and honouring our own heroes in the community.

Rest in Peace Captain Sir Tom Moore and thank you for inspiring us all during a difficult time.