We are all Statisticians!

If there is one thing that has dominated the current pandemic, it is statistics. Last term Years 7 and 8 looked into different graphs and charts, particularly those created by Florence Nightingale during the Crimean wall. They were also beginning to look at the limitations of current data.

This week all the Prep school children have been looking into the upcoming Census and what it means to us. In March the whole country turns into data collectors for the Census 2021. For some of our younger children, they realised it will be the first time they are recorded, while Year 5 were quite excited that some of them were recorded on the last one as newborns and others didn’t quite make the cut-off date! We discussed the wealth of information collected and how interesting it is to look back at how times have changed when detailed information is released 100 years after it is collected.

Our main focus was on what the general data released is used for now. We discussed and investigated the importance of knowing the population and what knowing amounts in each age bracket meant for local town planning, including unfortunately what impact Covid would have in different categories this year. Some of Year 7 and 8 experimented with using the break out rooms and collaborative space on Onenote to make group decisions on a fictitious town ‘Statistopia’, deciding how many schools were needed and what type of housing was needed using a variety of graphs and data.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 5 and 6 children were able to compare specific population data for East Sussex over the past 30 years. They could then easily see there was a steady rise in overall population in the area. Being able to use real data made the discussion from the graphs much more meaningful and we were able to look at the benefits and disadvantages of the changes

Year 5

Year 6

Years 3 and 4 also discussed the Census and great images of the posters they created can be found in the Juniors section. I hope all members of the community look forward to their Mathematical part in the Census on 21st March 2021.