Are you a keen walker, runner or cyclist? Will you help your form lift the title? February is the month to show us how many miles you can rack up!

Monday 1st February sees the start of the PE department’s Form Challenge. Throughout the month of February we would like to see which form can walk, run or cycle the furthest. All distances need to be recorded and handed in at the end of the month. All details can be found in the relevant PE teams for each class. Form tutors will also be joining in and I cannot wait to see the results.

Live online workout sessions continued this week and it is so pleasing to see the number of pupils who continue to push themselves in each lesson. Thank you to those who sent through pictures and videos of you completing the keepy-uppie and overarm throwing challenges. Please do keep sending them in when you get a chance.

Next week is Children’s Mental Health Week. Much research has been done that shows that regular physical activity can be one of the most important ways to decrease stress and anxiety. No matter how small, please do try and get away from your screens during your breaks and get active!

Matt McKinnon