Lego is a firm favourite with many children and has now been in our world for nearly 70 years. In school, we use Lego not only for the pure enjoyment it brings to the children but for the endless educational opportunities it provides. From tower building to storytelling, Lego’s only limit is your imagination!

Although traditional Lego blocks have not changed over this time, the accessories and range of Lego blocks has continued to increase with the development of technology. Last year we introduced coding trains to Nursery and Kindergarten using Duplo bricks to create simple coding instructions and build towns surrounding the tracks. Lego blocks are a staple in any class or home due to the open-ended possibilities that they provide, encouraging children to think beyond their understanding and allowing their creativity to flourish. Here are just a few of the ways in which we can use Lego to support learning in school and at home: patterns, instructions, models, calculations, transport, structures, phonics blocks – the list is truly endless.

The use of Lego is fantastic from the youngest to the oldest children and even the adults. Today the children have been encouraged to build using Lego; if you have any Lego at home and would like to build something to celebrate the day please do so and send us a picture. We would love to see the amazing creations you can build!

Louisa Bennett