Henry and Charlie C have written the following about their experience:

Two metal detectorists come to our farm sometimes and on Sunday they called Mum to say they thought that they had found an unexploded bomb in one of our fields. We went to have a look and it definitely looked like one to us! We called the police and three cars turned up very quickly with their lights and sirens on. They then called a bomb squad van. First the bomb squad men said it was a 25lb shell from WW2, but that it was probably a ‘dud’.

They thought they might take it away to detonate but then they worked out that it was actually live, but the fuse had come away, so they had to blow it up onsite as it was too dangerous to move. As it was dark by this time, they used an amazing heat seeking drone (which cost about £32,000!) to check the area was clear of people, and then carried out a controlled explosion. While we were waiting they let us look in the back of their bomb disposal van which had so many amazing things – lots of robots and cameras on remote controlled tanks, and more explosives. Then they detonated the bomb – it was really loud.  We all got to stand and watch – it was so exciting and something we will never forget.

We found some of the shrapnel the next day in the bomb hole which is really heavy and smells of explosive!