Another week of home PE and another fantastic effort from everyone to keep their fitness and skills levels up! This week’s workouts were more cardio based and it was so pleasing to see all the pupils pushing themselves during the different exercises.

On the skills front, indoor golf was the game of the week. Fear not, no golf clubs were needed!  Instead, just using a pair of socks and underarm throws, the pupils were encouraged to design their own holes around their house. Years 7 and 8 were set a challenge of videoing themselves doing as many keepy-uppies as possible using either a hockey stick, football, tennis racket or cricket bat. I look forward to seeing their efforts.

I appreciate it is wet and miserable at the moment; however, if it is at all possible, could I please ask that you encourage your sons and daughters to do some form of exercise each day. Time spent away from their screens is so important!

Matt McKinnon